Smart Keys – List of Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

Windows has masses of different alternatives on the way you operate it. You’re not tied right down to the usage of a mouse or a touchpad. If you’ve ever notion that there ought to be a faster manner than highlighting stuff or finding a button and then clicking your mouse, you are probably proper. Here are some shortcut keys for Windows that you may or may not know about.

F5 to refresh a web page

This works on near enough any web browser. Which is ideal news if you’re a Firefox user and your mate is a confirmed Internet Explorer individual yet you change PC’s from time to time. Rather than looking to discover in which the refresh button is (or has moved to like Firefox did while it moved to model 4), simply press the F5 button to refresh the page you are on.

Experiment with Ctrl Y

This one is a chunk atypical in that it has a different effect depending at the program you’re the usage of. So don’t test with something you care approximately. In some packages, urgent Ctrl Y will re-do what you remaining typed. In others, it will delete the line you’re on. It’s use predates Windows that’s why it’s now not as regular as you want.

Ctrl N

Generally this will open a brand new window of this system you’re jogging. Whether it really is a browser, Word, Excel or something. Inadvertently urgent Ctrl N can often motive panic as it seems that you’ve just deleted the whole thing you typed. Stop sweating – you have not – you’ve got simply opened a new example of this system. Close that or use the previews on the foot of the display screen to pick the previous example.


This gives you a short manner to rename a record. When you are within the File Open or File Save box in applications like Word, highlighting the file call and urgent F2 will let you edit the report’s name. Great if you’ve stored something with a typo within the report call and know that you may never find it once more if you don’t rename it to some thing greater sensible. It works in Excel as properly – highlight the modern mobile and press F2 in order to edit that cell.

Ctrl F

This brings up a “locate” choice in most applications. How it does this varies from program to program or even from version to version as the software engineers try to make things greater reachable. Experiment with Ctrl-F and spot how the applications you operate reply to it.

Ctrl + and Ctrl – (no longer to mention Ctrl zero)

Useful if the internet site you’re looking at has carried out something extraordinary with its font sizes. Ctrl + will pass up a size (say from a hundred% to 125%), Ctrl – will drop backpedal a length. And Ctrl zero (it is a 0, now not the letter O) will move returned on your normal one hundred% length of display that’s a great deal simpler than hitting one of the other combination’s umpteen times if you’ve been experimenting alternatively extra than is right for you.

Program menu unique shortcuts

Near sufficient anything it truly is underlined in a software’s menu can be known as up via urgent the Alt key and the underlined letter. Since you cannot try this with menu items that are not straight away seen – some thing beneath File at the File menu for example – there’ll be a listing of software unique shortcuts that may be reached, every now and then by way of the use of the Ctrl key with a letter, now and again via the usage of one of the F keys on the top of your keyboard.

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