How To Connect Two Computers – Windows Environment

Okay so why write approximately it? Well due to the fact there was as soon as a time that i needed to recognize the way to connect two computers collectively and I couldn’t locate any articles to assist me and no links at the net that had it in element, so that is for the people that could revel in the same.

So allow’s begin!

Firstly you will need to know how precisely your two PC’s are going to attach. So here it’s far. The computers will connect directly to each different therefore no hub may be wished. For the ones of you that don’t recognise, a hub is only a device that connects computers in a network via UTP STRAIGHT THROUGH cables.

The purpose why I wrote straight thru in caps is due to the fact this is not what you’ll be using to attach the 2 computer systems. Instead you will be the usage of pass over cables. You can get this from a local computer store for especially cheap. Or in case you experience like doing work then make it, its truely easy. If you want any assist, then a Google seek on a way to make crossover cables will assist alot. The cause why I do not let you know how, because I’m telling you how to join two computers now not create crossovers.

Anyways that is all of the requirements you’ll want, only a pass over cable. (Please note; in case you buying or creating a move over, make certain it’s as a minimum cat5e UTP cables.)

Now that we got that out of the way, allow’s get to work!


On each computer, right click on on “My Computer”. Click Properties after which click on the “Computer Name” tab. Where it says “Computer description:” Give every laptop an outline (It should now not be the same). Now click on the “trade” so you can trade the name of the computer and create a workgroup. In the call alternative supply it the identical name you gave it for its description and inside the workgroup section kind in “my first community” (REMEMBER: Names of the computers need to NOT be the same, BUT Workgroup names ought to be EXACT the identical on each)
Now once you change these, you may be requested to restart the pc, so absolutely click on sure or good enough, whatever you are triggered with.

Step 2

After the computers are rebooted you will need to setup IP addresses for each pc. This is how:

On your computing device, search for the icon named “My Network Places”. Now dpouble click it to open it.

Once open look on the left to look an option “view network connections” and click on it.

Now right click on on nearby region community and click residences.

Where it says “This connection makes use of the subsequent gadgets:”; scroll down to “Iternet Protocol (TCP/IP)”, click on on it and click on the homes button.

Now click on “Use the subsequent IP deal with” and at “IP Address” kind in an IP deal with e.G 192.168.Zero.1.

Although you do the equal steps for each computer systems you should have unique IP addresses so you could make the second computer systems IP address 192.168.Zero.2

After you put the IP addresses just press the tab button and you ought to get a variety of within the subnet masks as 255.255.255.Zero, then press OK and wait some time and now you nearly done!

Step 3

This is the perfect component; just take you cross over cable and hook up with each computers network card RJ45 port. That’s it you presently can be able to see the computer systems in “My Network Places”. You may also start sharing files!

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