Forgot Windows Vista Password – How to Reset or Recover It?

No depend you operate a Mac or PC, irrespective of your working machine is Windows 7, Vista or XP, laptop security can be a common topic for you. For PC safety, a Windows password is often appeared as the first line of safeguard. But there may be a little trouble as Windows password can be easily forgotten. Forgetting Windows password can also be risky in case your only have one windows account or others.

In that case, you could use a password reset disk to reset or get better the forgotten Windows password. Here we introduce a simple tutorial for you when forgot Windows Vista password – Burn a password reset CD/DVD with Windows Login Recovery. This technique can be implemented to all conditions, regardless of you could go online PC or locked out of computer.

Windows Login Recovery permits you to create a password reset CD/DVD. When you forgot Windows Vista password, you could use the created CD/DVD to reset the forgotten password in only three easy steps:

Step 1: Burn a password reset CD/DVD.

1. Run the program and insert a clean CD/DVD to computer.

2. Select to Reset Local account password, and click Next.

Three. Select CD/DVD and click on Burn to begin burning the CD/DVD.

4. Click OK when the CD/DVD is burned and take it out of pc.

Step 2: Set your locked computer besides from CD/DVD.

1. Insert the burned CD/DVD in the locked pc which you forgot Windows Vista password.

2. Press F2, Delete or F10 to go into your BIOS Setup while the laptop is booting.

3. Choose Boot on the taskbar, pick out Boot Device Priority and press Enter.

Four. Make the laptop as well from CD ROM first off in keeping with the prompts at the right.

Five. Press F10 to shop settings and your computer will restart routinely.

Step three: Reset forgotten vista password.

After restarting, you can reset Windows administrator password and fashionable person password under DOS.

1. Choose the installation course of Windows, and input the NO. Of the direction.

2. All Windows account user names may be displayed for you. Enter the NO. Of a specified User Name to dispose of its account password.

Three. Enter y to verify and preserve your operation.

Four. Enter y to do away with some other Windows account password or input n to finish your operation when the selected windows account password is eliminated.

Five. Take the burned CD/DVD out of laptop and press any key to restart your laptop whilst you input n to complete your operation.

The password has been correctly reset and now you can log on your laptop without password.


1. When you forgot Windows Vista password and locked out of PC, with Windows Login Recovery, you could create a password reset CD/DVD in any on hand pc with any OS, like Windows 7/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2008/2003/2000.

2. The pc used to put in the program have to have a CD/DVD burner; both internal and external CD/DVD burners are OK.

3. After Windows Vista password reset, no pc information might be lost.

4. This technique can’t most effective assist you whilst you forgot Windows Vista password, however additionally assist you regain access to pc while you forgot Windows passwords on Windows 7, Windows XP and so on.

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