Wine Boxes Shelf - A Practical And Decorative Furniture Idea For Your Home

Practical, exciting and beautiful - the wine crate shelves

Why do you do DIY actually works? At some point this has begun well, because you wanted to save. Saving in the widest sense of the word. You wanted to have on the one hand of really less spending in the budget. But at the same time you wanted to save a lot of waste also the nature and the society.

All such things that are morally. But let's be honest: not withstand things which were held theory by morality and above set rules in life, in the long run. Products must adhere to the deep, actual human needs attention in the long run is bound.

Wine boxes shelf - a DIY craft ideas

So, what about the real reason why the wine crates shelf such as popular and unique has been popular lately. Because this type of DIY design will not only not trite, but gaining in modernity and popularity.

We noticed that every couple of weeks we will publish an article would need to show all the original and unique tips which it describes in the Chaturbate network and which could be used as inspiration for new ideas. In General, you can say that a wine box shelf looks often so beautiful because one else can replace with anything the same effect.

Even more ideas for the living room

What reminded you actually this wine crate shelf here? Think not of the usual solutions, which can so often be found at IKEA? But in many cases this example would look here much more appealing and more beautiful, isn't it?

As regards stability, then you would have to have the same wine crates in a majority. In addition, they must be made of good material, which is also located in sufficiently good condition. Lacquers, colours and techniques for a vintage look, you could achieve an original and super appealing appearance.

Did you think that as a shelf in your simple, but modern interior design could look good? But it seems to work great. The material corresponds to the wooden floor. The color of a wine box, as well as the industrial atmosphere - with the sofa together. Total carries this story moving wine crate shelf for it continues, that the room not too serious and boring feels.

Do you have unused space under the window in the kitchen or in the living room? You succeed with a wine crate rack made to measure, as well as possible to take advantage of this. Here, it looks so great that virtually not would have the thoughts, something to attach other.

A great display area

Our next example shows that virtually every item could have a contribution to the aestheticization of the area. It must be represented only in the appropriate manner. In our case, the successful look also to a large extent is because that you decided for a wine box shelf as the context here. He creates a smooth transition from the style of the room up to that of the livejasmin commercial items. Everything looks like a great antique collection.

Colour design rack the wine boxes

A similar principle is also here. But this time it's the aesthetic connection between the character of the area and the antique published books. What function has actually the space in your opinion?

Incredible conversion ability

Often you can find wine crate shelves in places that are quite unexpected and absolutely amazing. It is all the more admirable, how well they can work there too.

Just see how the rough look of this wine crate shelves actually immediately disappeared through the great cushioning. Also, this is an unbeatable successful demonstration of typically so often repeated that look absolutely collected can be reached through great textures and combining three good colors.

Now we have a few examples that demonstrate the great transformation of the wine crate shelves. They happen in places, spaces and constellations seem even more surprising than other times. This is still stylish and just very nice.

Embroidered furniture as a new DIY trend and chic living idea

Have you seen ever embroidered furniture? Interesting and insane decision or not? In contemporary design, there are more and more unconventional challenges can be summarized in a few simple words: DIY crafting ideas.

We introduce today a project, which combines wood, paint and embroidery threads. An extremely stylish and innovative DIY idea!

DIY craft ideas - embroidered furniture yourself tinker

Here are the required materials and tools for making:

Spray paint

Embroidery threads to taste

Felt-tip pen

Piece of furniture made of wood of your choice

Grinder and sandpaper

Drills and Spirallbohrer/1/64 HSS /.

Embroidery needle

The instructions

Gathered the necessary materials and tools, now follow the instructions and you will achieve impressive results in the production of your embroidered furniture.

1.Verwenden a ruler and a felt-tip marker to the exact model, the desired phrase, number or character on the surface of the desired piece of furniture to attach.

Determine the design you want

2.Bohren you holes with enough distance from the edges of the plate. The holes should be at a distance of 1 cm from each other and follow exactly the recorded script.

3.Ebnen well with the sand paper the upper and the lower side of the plate. Then remove the dust.

Choose a beautiful color help of the selected spray paint color the piece of furniture and let dry (follow the jasminlive instructions on the bottle).

5.Press the needle with embroidery thread through the holes, you previously have made and combine them. In this way you will receive scheduled embroidered piece of furniture from you.

Matching pieces of furniture for the project

Light furniture made of chipboard or those with lighter wood construction are suitable for such DIY craft ideas.

And finished! The result is a beautiful, unconventional table from the series "embroidered furniture". The new DIY obsession on the horizon!

Practical and great spice - kitchen shelves

Any practical housewife knows very well that right must be necessarily in the kitchen. Ranging from furniture, to the smallest detail of the Organization, everything must be well organized and clear. A kitchen is actually complete, if the drawers and shelves are full and nicely organized. Today, we want to help you with some ideas for kitchen shelves for spices and practical tips for your storage.

The correct positioning

We should remember in the first place, to place the spices in close to the countertop or the stove. It would be very uncomfortable if the housewife in another corner of the kitchen would have to go to spice up the food.

The second, not less important element is how we should arrange the spices.

The usual options are three:

Open Wall shelve

Drawers under the work surface

Creative storage of spices

And last it is important, where we keep the spices and herbs. The glass container are undoubtedly the best place for it. As you will see as well, these are not only single-use doses in various forms! You can also use more interesting storage solutions such as test tubes with Cork top. In both cases you will avoid a humidifier and through the transparency of the glass you will recognize them well. However, this does not of course the possibility to opt for colored glasses.

Ideas in retro style

A nice retro rack with cavities on some levels is a good choice, a pepper mill, to make olive oil bottle and many required herbs for cooking. Attached to a blank wall, looks like an important element of establishing alone in itself.

Easy and effective DIY idea

One of the practical and effective ideas for kitchen shelves for spices is a metal or metal surface on the wall, on which you can attach disposable cans with magnetic closures. This option is great for the discerning housewives, who can recognize the various spices without a be signs well. It looks nice and is the industrial and vintage jasminelive style as a decoration very fitting.

Strips of wood are also a great idea to keep your culinary herbs to the wall and metal shelves. This arrangement is suitable for a country house for example.

Integrated spice departments

In our opinion the structures with sliding system are one of the most comfortable idea of spice kitchen shelves. Usually they are with vertical arrangement and allow the glass installed in several rows. In such cabinets storing olive oil bottles, sauces and vinegar slightly.

Spice drawers in the immediate vicinity of the stove

Finally we are pay our attention to the drawers for spice storage. Here, you could label the glass lids for example to find the needed spices easier and faster.

Be creative and design a beautiful and practical kitchen! Be inspired by our example images.

Garden design and decoration with Euro pallets

When we think of Euro-pallets in the garden, we imagine most DIY furniture and decoration.

Euro pallets are very comfortable and mobile parts for allerei designs - from the coffee table to the decorative vertical garden. Everything is a matter of imagination and the desire to create something creative with Euro-pallets for the garden.

Most of the people who rely on DIY projects, are aware, finished Euro pallets are how easier and richer usage to make lath for lath laboriously as such as a garden sofa. In our article we have collected interesting ideas with Euro pallets, through which you will transform your garden with little money and effort into a paradise.

Herb Garden for culinary delights

The range can serve great as pot holders, on which you can place fresh herbs. All chefs and cooking enthusiasts are warmly welcome this functional idea. It is space efficient, inexpensive and looks great at the same time!

Relaxation and decoration in a euro pallet garden ideas diy furnitur

To assemble a sunbed is a pretty easy task. You need only one or two Euro pallets, four wheels, pillow and some decoration. They can provide for more color and by you paint them in bright colors. In yellow, green, blue or according to your wishes.

Garden cabinet with shelves

You will need multiple palettes, wheels or legs, and color in popular nuance, for this idea. The Assembly should be carried out according to your personal needs. Fasten the pallets one after the other. Provide a stable construction, because later they should hold in weight.

A deck to the swings

On this idea, especially the will enjoy. Attach the ropes with hooks very well on the pallets. Decorate with soft pillows and enjoy the warm days in the open air.

Shelf for tool from Euro-pallets

Great and practical idea for men. On this shelf, multiple tools, screws, nails, etc. can find their right place. This design is very functional and inexpensive.

Wine Rack Himself Build And Properly Store The Wine Bottles - 50 DIY Ideas

Modern and super practical ideas - itself a wine rack build

Do you like good wine? Bring you which always like to from your travels home? Then you need a matching Wall shelf. The purchased shelves are expensive and you will find something that matches your interior design and the dimensions may be difficult. It is not difficult to build a wine rack itself.

Below is some simple instructions for it. We give this still plenty of room for your own choice of materials, colors, shapes, etc.

Wine racks wood

The good storage

You are versed in the rules of wine? Here, the good wine storage is decisive. Make sure that this still is. Only then you start with the construction of the wine rack.

You only need to know that the wine shelves should be deep and broad. The reason for this is that the bottles are better than should. As a result, the Cork remains well preserved. It dries quickly when upright cylinders. This could contribute to the deterioration of the quality of the wine.

Properly storing wine bottles

Overview of different ways

If you want to build a wine rack itself, different available ways. There are also modules for these structures. There is talk of the so-called wine shelf stones. You are finished bought and assembled.

The wine racks from wooden pallets are super modern. However, we consider some ways closer.

Wooden wall shelf for wine bottles and glasses

Simple wine rack with round cutouts

You can easily assemble a wine rack from some simple together attached wooden planks. In the vertical wood planks, making round cutouts so that the bottles of wine are there stable.

It's a simple, rough solution. It is however very fitting for a cellar, which is not often enter or a rough rural ambience.

Rustic ideas from a tree trunk

Store 4 bottles of wine in a tree trunkbuild wine rack from tree trunk wall shelf wine rack itself


Also the modular wine racks are popular. In these versions, we have a closed, uniform and thus more noble look. Such constructions are very stable. They can be therefore somewhat higher. Self-built modular wine racks can usually easily occupy an entire wall.

Modular wine rack to the buildable

Shipping roles

Would you emphasize the DIY nature of your wine rack? When a wine rack from shipping roles you can't see over, that it is you lot on the reuse of old materials for new purposes.

As the examples below also show, you can amaze your guests with great results. Many of the wine racks from shipping roles look so nice that ideally write in a beautiful interior décor.

A clever DIY idea with shipping roles

An entire wine cellar, or combinations with other features

Is the wine really important in your life? It's maybe worth to rebuild an entire wine cellar. Installing shelves on the walls are very suitable.

If you have a whole room for this purpose available, then you can give them and another feature a room. These are E.g. the living or dining room.

Built-in wall shelf for wine bottles

Wine racks can fill even these gaps in the Interior, which otherwise have no other function. These are the spaces under the stairs or wide walls at window niches, for example. You have often no practical use and wonderfully suitable for wine storage.

Just see to that no sunlight falls on the bottles, and also that the chosen places are cool and dry.

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